Sunday service is back inside! See you at 10am for an indoor worship gathering.

Prayer Room

At Crossroads, we believe in the power of prayer and the importance of finding a quiet space for reflection and connection with the divine. Our prayer room is designed to be a sanctuary for all who seek solace, guidance, and spiritual renewal.

What to Expect:

Serenity Space: Step into a peaceful atmosphere conducive to prayer and meditation.

Privacy and Comfort: Find a secluded space where you can pour out your heart to God without distractions.

Resources: Discover an array of spiritual resources, including, devotional materials, and prayer guides to aid you in your spiritual journey.

How to Sign Up: 

Signing up for a prayer room session is easy! Simply click the link below. There you can view the available time slots and reserve a time that suits you best. Each session is 30 minutes during Staff hours Monday thru Thursday from 9am-4pm, allowing you time for personal reflection with God. The prayer room will also be open every Sunday from 9:45am-12pm, no reservation required!