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Partnering With Parents

from cradle to college

What Are Milestones?

At Crossroads, we use the natural milestones in your kids life as an opportunity to parter with parents. Milestones are the turning points in kids' lives that we want to celebrate, as well as guide parents through some of the challenges that come with each new phase.

Milestone #1

Start your child on the path to a life long journey of faith! Child Dedication gives parents the opportunity to partner with the entire church family in a commitment to raise their child to know Jesus.

There is no age requirement for child dedication. Babies, toddlers, and early elementary age children are most likely the best candidates for child dedication. If you believe your child is old enough to understand what baptism is and has express a desire to be baptized, you may want to sign them up for baptism instead.

Next Child Dedication: May 12, 2024

Milestone #2

Your preschooler will be starting elementary school before you know it! Walking Wisely gives parents and their pre-kindergartners an opportunity to prepare for this exciting next step! Join Kids Street staff and volunteers for a morning of fun and learning, ending things off with lunch together.

Walking Wisely: August 24, 2024

Milestone #3

Your baby isn't a baby anymore - they're a tween! Sneak Peek is chance for Kids Street 5th graders to check out what Crossroads Student Ministry is all about! It also gives parents a chance to meet with other parents and learn from a Crossroads Pastor about parenting during adolescence.

Next Sneak Peek: April 28, 2024

Milestone #4

The high school years aren't always a walk in the park! The Challenge gives incoming freshman and their parents an opportunity to learn team-building and communications skills together!

The Challenge: September 15, 2024

Milestone #5

All that hard work deserves some celebration! Allow us to honor graduating seniors with a special moment during church service, as well as a Senior Banquet.

Next Senior Sunday: June 2, 2024